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Suction Cup Round Pot Holders

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Suction cup Plant Pot Holders

Style: Round/ Circle Pot Shaped

Ideal for Glass Flat Smooth Surface

Great for Props, Corms and Cuttings

Available Sizes: 2inch ,3inch ,4inch

Color: Clear

Pair it with our self watering cups! (not included, but available in the shop!)

Mini self watering planter- gets size 2.5”

small cup A self watering planter- get size 3”

Medium B self watering planter- get Size 4”

Recommendation: clean the glass and suction cup prior to use. Wet suction cup and glass slightly with warmer water. Press firmly ensure there is no air trapped inbetween. Air bubble will cause faulty adhesion. Check often to ensure suction is still strong.  Petroleum Jelly in the center of suction cup will help reduce air bubble.